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(Oct. 27th, 2022)The 211th CICE Seminar/The 5th IDEC Institute Seminar「How UNESCO/IIEP frames SDGs?」

Mioko Saito worked at the UNESCO/IIEP from 1992 to 2022. During the 30 years at the IIEP, she worked with many Ministries of Education in Africa and Asia as a policy researcher and a trainer. She led the capacity building activities on the learning assessments in collaboration with SACMEQ, PASEC, SEA-PLM, IEA, NEQMAP, and TALENT. She was also the Head of Training and Education Programmes during the period 2020-2022, and was responsible for the development of the online version of the flagship training programmes of IIEP.

This seminar “How UNESCO/IIEP frames SDGs?” will have two parts. During the first part of the presentation “UNESCO/IIEP’s mission”, the speaker introduces IIEP as part of UN and UNESCO and explains the educational sector planning (ESP) process.

During the second part of the presentation “SDG4 global indicators and ESP”, she distinguishes SDG from EFA and MDG and outlines the planning implications of the SDG4 targets.

【Date】 Oct. 27th, Thursday 2022  16:30-18:00(JST)

【Language】 English

【Venue】 CICE Seminar Room, 6th Floor Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC)

This lecture will be held face-to-face and admission free.

Registration is not necessary.

Everyone is welcome.


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