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(Finished)(Dec 3rd) The Job Hunting Preparation Seminar for African Students

The Hiroshima University African Students’ Association is pleased to announce that it will be holding “The Job Hunting Preparation Seminar for African Students” for its members and others interested in finding a job in Japan.

In this seminar, an African student and an African postdoctoral researcher will report on experiences of their internship and job-hunting activity. The speakers will include members of staff from four global companies with experiences of employing international graduates from Hiroshima University as interns or permanent employees. Staff from Hiroshima University’s careers department will also join the event to explain how to prepare for and note the key points of job-hunting activities in Japan. After the reports and other information, there will be time for the participants and company employees to network freely.

The language of this event is English. You do not have to be a member of the Hiroshima University African Students Association to attend, as long as you are interested in the content and can speak English on a daily basis. We look forward to seeing you there.


Date and Time: 2022/12/3 (Sat.) 13:00 – 17:00


Language: ENGLISH

Participation fee: FREE

Pre-registration required


Facilitator: Lovisa Panduleni Johannes, M2, Taoyaka Program


13:00     Opening Remarks: Pamela Afi Tettey, HUASA Chairperson

13:05     Internship Report: Pamela Afi Tettey, D1, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life

              Commentator: Kautex Japan

13:30     Experience of Job-Hunting in Japan: Dr. Lawal Sulaiman Oladipo, Pos-doc Researcher of HU, HU Alumni

              Commentator: Dr. SAWAMURA Kenichi, President & CTO of eSep

14:05     Company Report, Micron Technology Japan and SATAKE

14:55     Preparation for Internship & Job-Hunting in Japan: Dr. TANAKA Keiko, Global Career Design Center, HU

15:55     Closing

16:20     Networking


Organizer: Hiroshima University African Students Association – HUASA


CICE (Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education Hiroshima University)  Global Career Design Center, Hiroshima University  Japan-Africa Triangle Program, Hiroshima University