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Director Prof. Yoshida Elected Vice-Chair of EFA Steering Committee

     Professor Yoshida, Director of CICE, a member of the EFA Steering Committee representing Asia and the Pacific Region, has been elected vice-chair of the Committee at the meeting held on March 6 and 7, 2014 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.


     This committee has the task of putting forward recommendations on strategic and policy issues concerning Education for All, one of major international undertakings in the education sector, aiming at achieving its goals by 2015. The committee also coordinates discussions on the international framework for post-2015 education agenda.


     EFA has been playing highly important roles in promoting the universalization of basic education in the world and in addressing other challenges of educational development. It is expected that debates in the Steering Committee will continue to play central roles in formulating the framework of action for the post-2015 that addresses remaining and new challenges, and in clearly locating education in the international development agenda that will take the place of the Millennium Development Goals after the year 2015.

     For details, please refer to the UNESCO website at:

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