Center for the Study of International Cooperation in EducationHiroshima University

Invited Angela W. Little as a professor at CICE, Hiroshima University

On October 1, Dr. Angela W Little was appointed Professor at Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education (CICE), Hiroshima University. Professor Angela is an Professor Emerita of the UCL Graduate of Education, University of London, specializing in primary education policy and practice, educational planning and program evaluation in developing countries. The stay period is two months until Novembar 30th, and in addition to presenting keynote address at the international symposium, reaching at the graduate school and lecturing at JICA training at the Hiroshima University. She will also give lectures at the university of Nagoya, Waseda and Kyushu. Dr. Keith M. Lewin, Sussex University Emeritus Professor is also visiting.