Center for the Study of International Cooperation in EducationHiroshima University

CICE Series 6 June 2019

*Africa-Asia University Dialogue for Educational Development-Final Report of Phase Ⅳ Research Results-



CICE Series 6      Group A:Gender and Equity

Girl’s Transition From Primary to School in Two Urban and Semi-Urban School Districts in Niger

Ibro Chekaraou and Nara AichaGaza(University of Abdou Moumouni )

Teacher’s Perspective on School Reform in Japan

Riho Sakurai(Hirhoshima University) 

CICE Series 6      Group B:Quality of education and Educational Policy

Impact of Female Teacher on Learning Outcomes of Girls in Rural Primary Schools in Malawi

Elizabeth Selemani -Meke(University of Malawi)

Decentralization of the Financing and Administration of Public Secondary School in ThailandA Case Study in Chiang Mai

Phetcharee Rupavijetra and Ploypailin Rupavijetra(Chang Mai University),Jun Kawaguchi(University of Tsykuba),and Keiichi Ogawa(Kobe University)

Start up Learning Community Approach-Case Studay inVetnam

Dr Doan Nguyet Linh and Dr Pham Thi Thanh Hai(Vietnam National University-University of Education)

Policy-Practice-Result Linkages for Education Development of Good Quality and International Cooperation in the Post-2015 Era

Kazuhiko Yoshida(Hiroshima University)

CICE Series 6      Group C:Teacher Professional Development

The Organizational, Professional and Social Condition Perceived by Novice Teachers

Asim Das &Sharmin Huq(University of Dhaka),Yoko Ishida and Tatsuya Kusakabe(Hirhoshima University),Mohd Ali Samsudin,Nooraida Yokob,and Shaik Abdul Malik Mohomed Lsmail(Universiti Sains Malaysia),Melanie Moen(University of Pretoria),Phetcharee Rupavijetra(Chiang Mai University),Kyasanku Charles(Makerere University),Pham Thi Thanh Hai and Nguyen Quy Thanh(Vietnam National University-University of Education)

Career Profile among Malaysian In-Service Teachers

Ahmad Zamri Khairani and Mohd Ali Samsudin(University Sains Malaysia)

The Nexus between the Practice of Induction and the Formation of Novice Teachers’Professional Indentity in Ethiopia

Belay Hagos,Berhanu Abera,Daniel Desta,Desalegn Chalchisa,Girma Lemma,and Wossenu Yima(Addis Ababa University)

Education for Sustainable Development; Pre-Service Teachers’ Knowledge and Understanding

Owoyemi Toyin Eunice(University of Lagos)

The Self-Representation of Primary School Teachers’Professional Identity in Madagascar

RatompomalalaHarinosy ,Rajhonson Lina,Razafimbelo Judith,Rakotonanahary Mamy Lalao,and Razafimbelo Célestin(Ecole Nomale Supérieure d’Atananarivo)

Challenges Influencing the Professional Context of the Foundation Phase Teachers in Rural Township Schools in South Africa

Cycil G.Hartell and Miemsie G.Steyn(University of Pretoria)

Tanzania Teachers’Knowledge of Moral Character Inherent in the Teaching Profession

William A. L. Anangisye (University of Dar es Salaam)

Teacher Professionalism inUganda;An Outcome of a Myriad of Factor

John S. Maani and Justine Otaala (Kyambogo University)

Including the Excluded;The Case of Slow Learners at Buloba Primary School,Uganda

Charles Kyasanku and Connie Ssebbunga-Masembe (Makerere University), Tatsuya Kusakabe (Hiroshima University), and Hiroaki Ozawa (Naruto University of Education)

A Comparative Qualitative Analysis of Teachers’ Professional Identity in Malaysia and Bangladesh;Implications for Edcational Reforms and Development

Asim Das (Dhaka University), Tatsuya Kusakabe (Hiroshima University), and Mohd Ali Samsudin, Simeon Moses Irekpia, and Low Hui Min (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

Scaling up Lesson Studay in Urban and Rural School to Realize Sustainable,Inclusive Teacher Professional Development in Zambia

Yoko Ishida (Hiroshima University) and Peggy Mwanza, Musonda Luchembe, Gift Masaiti, and Peggy Nsama (University of Zambia)