Center for the Study of International Cooperation in EducationHiroshima University

CICE inter students joined IDEC OPEN DAY


We participated in IDEC OPEN DAY, Hiroshima University’s festival on  Nov 6, sat.

Hikari YOSHIMURA, CICE intern student

In this festival, we could experience many countries’ culture such as eating various food from overseas and dance. Last year, Hiroshima University couldn’t conduct face-to-face implementation because of spreading infection of COVID-19, however, this year, it was hold face-to-face implementation!

We served chai tea and performed “Soran-Bushi”(Japanese traditional song and dance) on the stage. About chai tea, we repeated try and error for this festival, so, many people said “delicious!”. In addition, about “Soran-Bushi”, we could involve many audiences and danced together. Both performing dancing and preparing Chai-tea were very successful!

Through the participation for IDEC OPEN DAY, we could learn many things from not only touched many countries’ culture but also discussed and prepared for chai tea and “Soran-Bushi”.

From now, we will make the best effort for colloquium held jointly with universities in Malaysia and Indonesia in February in earnest. We take advantage of this experience and try to hard together for success of colloquium!