Center for the Study of International Cooperation in EducationHiroshima University

JICE kick-off meeting was held online on Dec 6, 7

On December 6 and 7, 2021, the Editorial Board Members held a kick-off meeting for the renewal of the Journal of International Cooperation in Education to be published by CICE as an open-access journal as the first journal in the education study field in Japan.

The meeting was held online, and the board members from all over the world who have expertise in international cooperation in education participated in the meeting.

First of all, Prof. Kazuhiro Yoshida as the editor in chief explained that in recent years, partly due to the spread of the coronavirus, the world has shifted from the dichotomy between the Global South and Global North to multiplicity reflecting a variety of issues that do not fit into those categories. We also explicated the history and motivation, as well as the aims and scope of the journal.

We are working with Emerald Group Publishing to process the Journal. In this meeting. They explained the process from the preparation of manuscripts to publication.

This meeting fostered an understanding of not only the process of submitting papers, what the journal aims to achieve in preparation for next year’s proceedings but also aiming to be a quality journal.