Center for the Study of International Cooperation in EducationHiroshima University

JICE Writers’ Workshop (the first session) was held online on Tuesday, May 10th.

CICE held JICE Writers’ Workshop for the researchers who want to publish their papers in Journal of International Cooperation in Education (JICE) Vol.25th or Vol.26th. The purpose of this workshop is to support researchers, especially non-western researchers, to improve the quality of their papers, and publish in international journals.

There were 20 participants from Asia and Africa counties joined this workshop, and 7 people applied to the presentation.

First of all, Prof. Tatsuya Kusakabe, a Co-Editor-in-chief of JICE, explained that it was important for researchers to advise each other through this workshop to improve their papers. Also, there was a lecture about the process to publish a paper in International Journals and some tips for writing and publishing.

After that, 7 presenters made presentations of their own research. Questions and answer session gave them a good opportunity to find out about their problems and improvements of their researches.

CICE plan to another JICE Writers’ Workshop as well. We will always welcome you to join us if you are interested.