Japan Education Forum VIII May 2011


Japan Education Forum VIII Collaboration toward Greater Autonomy in Educational Development



Background and Objectives


  • Opening Remarks by Kan Suzuki, Senior Vice-Minister of Education, Culture, Sports,
    Science and Technology, Japan
    Opening Remarks by Yutaka Banno, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Japan


Keynote Speech

  • “Educational Development and Participation of Local Community”
    Abou Diarra, Chief of Education Decentralization/DeconcentrationBureau,
    Ministry of Education Literacy and National Languages, Mali
  • Keynote Summary

Keynote Speech

  • “Contributions of Local Communities to Realize Better Education
    – A View from Japanese Educational Policies”
    Ikuyo Kaneko, Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, and Faculty of Policy
    Management, Keio University


Panel Session 
“School Improvement and Roles of Local Community”

  • Moderator:
    Waraiporn Sangnapaboworn, Head of International Education Section,
    Offi ce of National Education Commission, Thailandka

    Gerald W. Fry, Professor, College of Education and Human Development,
    Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development,
    University of Minnesota, USA
    R. Govinda, Vice-Chancellor, National University of Educational Planning and
    Administration, India
    Ibo Issa, National Coordinator, ONEN(Organisation Nigérienne des Educateurs
    Novateurs), NigerPrincipal Coordinator, JICA School For All Project
    Noriaki Mizumoto, Associate Professor, College of Education, School of Human Sciences,
    University of Tsukuba


Concluding discussions